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Overtaking x3Doors

OvertakinG x3DoorS are supplied with extra wide cavities able to accept three doors side-by-side in the same cavity. The purpose designed collection system means that only the lead door needs to be drawn from the cavity - trailing doors follow in perfect order. OvertakinG x3DoorS are supplied as a fully assembled unit ready to install on site.

Although the cavity depth is only one door width deep, the walk-through can be up to five door widths (5xDoorS). They make ideal room dividers in residential and commercial buildings. CS OvertakinG units can be manufactured to accept 2, 3,4, or 5 doors side by side. Bi-parting options are also available.

OvertakinG x3DoorS may also be combined with other products, including:

BraceWaLL: Not only is this unit a fully functioning cavity slider but it also has a factory fitted bracing panel included within the thickness of the cavity.

Full-HightDetaiL: An architectural detail where there are no head jambs and the flat bottom section of the tracks (2,3,4 or 5 of them) finish flush with the underside of the ceiling. This detail is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for room dividing applications.

CornerMeetinG: Instead of the leading doors of a bi-parting unit meeting in the same plane, they meet at an angle to each other, usually at 90 degrees.

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