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Cavity Sliders

Regardless of your budget, this is one product that Opening Doors will not lower its standard on. All cavity sliders that Opening Doors uses are manufacturer by CS For Doors. Ask us to send a rep to your site should you have special jamb details or any type of Cavity Slider application that is a little out of the ordinary. You cant buy better than CS.

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Cavity Sliders by numbers

No description available. more


The AluLitE SlidinG is a versatile re-finished door with no visible screws or fastenings; constructed entirely of aluminium this door will not rust, rot, or bow. The AluLitE is suitable for all sliding door applications and designed to withstand the lements - it can be used in both interior and exterior situations. more


CS FramelessGlasS is a distinctive alternative to the doors commonly installed in cavity sliders. Instead of a standard 38mm thick door, a sheet of 10mm toughened glass is used. As a result there is no visible framing around the edge of the glass giving an impression of space and light through and around the doorway.

These units are always supplied with brush seals fitted to the jambs, which protect and guide the door and perform w...

NewYorker Sliding

The NewYorkeR SlidinG is a pre-finished door frame that can be glazed using a wide range of materials, glass being the most popular. The 100mm aluminium frame has no visible screws or fastenings. Styles, rails, mullions and transoms have all been designed with heavy-duty extrusions, providing strength and versatility.

Most standard mortice locks can be fitted to the front style and we can factory-fit the lock for you. A clip in the...

Overtaking x3Doors

OvertakinG x3DoorS are supplied with extra wide cavities able to accept three doors side-by-side in the same cavity. The purpose designed collection system means that only the lead door needs to be drawn from the cavity - trailing doors follow in perfect order. OvertakinG x3DoorS are supplied as a fully assembled unit ready to install on site.

Although the cavity depth is only one door width deep, the walk-through can be up to five...


CS SurfaSliderTrackS now allow you to utilise our high quality extrusion for surface sliding door setups. Choose from a range of track designs that allow you to carry varying sizes and weights of door. We have a solution that will cover your door size up to 1000kg of door!

Types of Tracks Available:

Surface Sliding (side of wall fix):
For applications where there is strength in the wall to side-mount a track. This ...


The SoundStoP accepts standard and non-standard sized doors that have a sound stop rating, these can be removed even after wall linings are fitted. The type of door fitted is dependant on the STC (Sound Transmission Class) required. An STC rating up to 43 has been achieved with our accoustically rated products. Doors must be supplied by CS For Doors to be an accredited sound rated cavity slider.

Locations where SoundStoP is ideal in...


The CS CavitySlideR BraceWaLL is a cavity slider designed to be used in areas where wall bracing is required. These units combine all the standard benefits of the CS CavitySlideR range with the added advantage of an integrated bracing panel, which is built into the product. Once installed and gibbed up, it's finished appearance is the same as that of any regular CS CavitySlideR.

All BraceWaLL units for internal walls are covered by...

Wardrobes 2-TopTracK

Wardrobes 2-TopTracK incorporates the same quality track and carriage system that is used in all CS Cavity Sliders architectural units, allowing the confident use of over-height and over-width wardrobe doors.

Because the wardrobe system is hung from the top track there is no requirement for unsightly and inconvenient floor guides or tracks. Where the doors overlap a small aluminium floor guide is fitted, this provides invisible and ...


All the most common finishes available and many more including powdercoat colours which attract a surcharge and extended leadtime for delivery more

Door size calculator

to find out any critical measurement in your cavity slider from the door leaf size to the clear walk through measurements. simply click on the link below to get to the cavity slider door calculator more

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