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Wardrobes 2-TopTracK

Wardrobes 2-TopTracK incorporates the same quality track and carriage system that is used in all CS Cavity Sliders architectural units, allowing the confident use of over-height and over-width wardrobe doors.

Because the wardrobe system is hung from the top track there is no requirement for unsightly and inconvenient floor guides or tracks. Where the doors overlap a small aluminium floor guide is fitted, this provides invisible and reliable guidance for each door.

The gap between doors (when using a 38mm thick door) is 12mm. This may be reduced to 9mm if a thicker door is specified (up to 41mm thick).

Cavity and wardrobe doors can be supplied from the same joinery manufacturer, as the same standard thickness doors that suit CavitySliderS (38mm thick) can be used in CS WardrobeSliderS. This uniformity ensures a consistent look between doors in a given area or throughout a building.

Also incorporated with this unit are the closing jambs and head jambs, providing a simple and easy way to finish off wall linings. The top head jambs that cover the track and running gear are easily removable – allowing easy access for servicing or door removal. Where a full height detail or square stopped look is important, these units may also be supplied with no closing jambs and no head jambs. Minor assembly of the closing jambs to the track is required on site.

Wardrobe 3 top track system also available.


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